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You'll notice the big "i'm moving" sign up top, you should change you bookmarks accordingly. I'll keep updating the comics on this page, but it's been taking keen like 3 days to get them posted once i upload them, so, yah know, anyway, no comic for today, i'll have one up for tomarrow.


Umm, so yeah, sorry about the whole no comic, i went and joined the circus thing, but comics will continue to be erratic for a few months. My wife is due on the 25th of Feb, less than 2 weeks and i'll more than likely have a little poop machine to love and cherish. Which means my life is very hecktic right now.

I'd also like to point out that i don't think anyone cares if this site lives or dies, so doubt anyone cares if i update or not.

And just to be clear, I'm not saying i'm thinking of stopping or anything, i do this cause i think it's fun and i'm going to keep doing so until it's not anymore.

but still, if you like the comic and want me to try to update at lease once, if not twice a week, drop me a line and let me know how you feel, it makes me feel all pretty inside when you do that.


Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes, today i turn an illustrious 24, my how the years fly by, i think the reason i feel so old is that i'll be getting a kid in less than a month, my wifes due date is Feb 25th. gawd that makes me feel old, being a daddy.
of course, my little sister is 16, and has a kid, but somehow thats different.


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Zeek is dead, Long live Zeek!
Above is my tribute to Zeek! 2.0, it's a guest strip i did that never got put up, mostly because other people did much better ones, anywayz, i'm putting it up now, since i know it'll never make it into the suff section of his site.

Zeek, you will be missed.



I went through and added a few new links, one to WCA the comic new site, and one to ChronoPeanut, one of those totally indescribable comics that make you blink twice, laugh, and blink again, totally unsure why you just laughed.


Hey look, i changed the voting button.

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Ok, sorry that took so long, way to much stuff going on, and i was really hoping to get a few more guest comics, but i digress.

Next comic will be on monday, and should be on schedule after that. stripper's corner is all setup, so all i have to do is add people as they come along. you should do something for it.
yes you.


Since i'm a retard and can't post things properly, i'm going to leave the guest comic from Patchwork Heros up for another few days.
You may also notice i've added a link to Dasien below, It's a link exchange thing, so go visit so it looks like i'm doing my part. It's good fun stuff with half naked women beating the crap out of people.



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